India needs a new power source which is reliable, abundant and cheap.

At Sai Falak International, we supply eco-friendly electrical power, that is cheap and reliable, to power homes, factories and vehicles throughout India. 

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Our vision at Sai Falak International is reliable, clean and cheap electrical power for every home, every office and every vehicle in India.


How do we do this?

At the smallest subatomic level, nothing is still, but everything is always moving. All particles of life are vibrating very fast.

We have developed a "solar tuner" to tune into this power from the sun, and turn it into electrical power to run your house or office. Just like solar panels which tune into light emitted by the sun, we tune into the essential energy of life from the sun -- energy in all that surrounds us. Our energy tuner box transforms this vibrating energy into electrical power to light your house.